Passbolt: passwords for groups


Did you ever face a situation where you can’t continue your work at office because you do not know the password of a resource managed by a colleague? Security is a great thing, but often it comes in the way of productivity even within a trusted group. Enter Passbolt.

Passbolt is for those information which are not as critical as your system or back account details and can be shared among a group of people working together, the most common example of which is a team in an office.

Passbolt works as a Firefox extension at the time of writing. A Chrome extension and a cmdline client are under development.


  • Share passwords with team
  • Search and filter on passwords
  • Manage user privileges
  • Edit and review password complexity
  • Import and export OpenPGP keys
  • Authenticate using OpenPGP keys
  • Can integrate with email or chat clients
  • Extensible by design with published APIs
  • Open source and free


You can try the demo and install the Firefox extension from the Passbolt website.

Webpage: Passbolt

2 thoughts on “Passbolt: passwords for groups”

    1. The problem here is there’s no way to trust claims as long as you don’t dive into the code yourself. While I can copy the words from the devs, I’ld rather prefer our readers check it out themselves.

      Admittedly, when it comes to security, we are extra cautious.

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