Handy alarm applets

In one of our earlier articles I shared a hack to set quick reminders on Ubuntu. In this article we will explore 2 GUI indicator applets to set alarms and reminders. We picked one each for Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

alarm-clock-applet [Ubuntu]


Light and cute looking indicator applet. However, it needs the user to set the kind of notification he needs on alarm fire.


  • supports alarm and timer
  • shows time remaining as countdown
  • play a sound or start an application or run a command on alarm expiry
  • you can use notfy-send or zenity if you are looking for notifications bubbles
  • start automatically at login


To install on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install alarm-clock-applet

alarm clock [Arch Linux]


alarm clock is available on AUR. It has more features than the applet for Ubuntu.


  • has both alarm and counter
  • shows notification bubbles
  • supports birthday reminders
  • supports templates
  • notification bubbles, sound, dialog window, command or standard action on alarm expiry
  • extensive scheduling options
  • start automatically at login


Download the PKGBUILD snapshot from AUR and run:

$ tar -xf alarm-clock.tar.gz  
$ cd alarm-clock
$ makepkg -sri

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