Buku 1.9 released!


The latest release of Buku, a powerful cmdline bookmark manager I wrote to manage hundreds of my bookmarks, brings several behavioural changes along with fewer options. The change was driven by requests from users to reduce the number of options. So here’s a glance of the changes in Buku 1.9.

  • The database file is moved from the older location. The new location is
    or $XDG_DATA_HOME/buku/bookmarks.db, if XDG_DATA_HOME is defined for each user.
    If $HOME is not defined, e.g., on Windows, the database is created in the current directory.
  • 4 options removed:
    • -P: (print all) is now -p 0
    • -D: (delete all) is now -d 0
    • -R: (update all) is now -u 0
    • -w: title web fetch is now the default behaviour, can be overriden with -m title option
  • Changes in search behavior:
    • -s: searches for any keyword match in URL, title or tags
    • -S: searches for all keyword match in URL, title or tags
  • Setting to clearing title is now easier
    • -u N: fetches the title for bookmark at index N
    • -m title: sets the title manually
    • -m none: clears the title
  • HTTP gzip compression is supported
  • Optional Json formatted output for -p and -s options
  • Better error handling and versioning
  • Few important fixes

Last but perhaps the most important, many examples modified and added to present the operations as simply as possible. Buku being a power-tool this was very much important.

The packages will be updated in AUR and Homebrew soon. Otherwise, you can download the latest source from GitHub and install it directly. Hope you enjoy Buku 1.9 as much as I enjoyed writing it!

2 thoughts on “Buku 1.9 released!”

  1. good morning .product is amazing, I congratulate you on your work.

    I have a question: how I can import my bookmarks from firefox to Buku?

    I will install debian buku 8

    I like to use the command line, your product was a great discovery, I’ll go testing applications that you recommend and where necessary ask for your help.

    thanks for the help you can give me

    PS: do not speak English (I speak Spanish)
    use google translator

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