Brave: privacy-aware browser


Brave is a brand new privacy-aware browser from Andreas Gal, former CTO of Mozilla and JS founder Brendan Eich. Brave brings with it the privacy and security related capabilities you get from extensions in other browsers. Does the browser you are using right now have ad-blocker and HTTP to HTTPS conversion extensions? With Brave, you need not bother.


Brave comes with a connected private cloud service with anonymous ads. It also blocks all third-party tracking and replacing ads depending on such tracking. Brave is also tightly integrated with the Bitcoin ecosystem.


  • Blocks trackers and intrusive ads
  • Choose to see ads that respect your privacy
  • Delivers upto 60% page load time improvement
  • Redirects sites to HTTPS
  • Blocks tracking pixels and tracking cookies
  • Brave Ledger, a Bitcoin-based micro-payments system for users and publishers
  • All goodies you might expect from another browser
  • Available for Linux, Windows, OS X, Android and IOS
  • Open source and free


Download and run the package from Brave website.


Features: 4.5/5
Usability: 4/5

Webpage: Brave

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