maybe… you want a trial run


maybe is a cmdline python utility to make sure a destructive command doesn’t do anything to your filesystem that will make you repent later. maybe intercepts the program using the ptrace library and makes the program believe that everything is going smooth.

In the meantime, maybe reports what the program wants to do and you can decide whether you want to run the program or not based on the output. On principle it’s similar to apt-listchanges but works at a lower level.

However, a program like this needs extensive testing on a much larger scale to certify and the author reasonably claims the status of maybe as “alpha-quality”. In addition, only a few syscalls are intercepted at the time of writing. Use it at your own risk.


$ pip install maybe


$ maybe command [args]


Features: 3.5/5
Usability: 5/5

On GitHub: maybe

2 thoughts on “maybe… you want a trial run”

  1. This is totally essential! A few years ago, when 3G modems support on Linux was not very good, I had to run a INSTALL script that came together with my Huawei modem: It completely overwrote my ~/.bash_profile with theirs, gave “ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL” permissions to my user in /etc/sudoers, and chmoded as 777 my /usr/local/bin/ directory! I still keep a copy of that masterpiece script around 🙂

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