buku 1.8 brings tons of goodies


Version 1.8 of buku comes with several new features and improvements. It also got a massive code reformat and redundant code removal to make it easier to understand or re-use the smaller functions.

The most interesting feature is probably the auto DB compaction. Earlier, if someone deleted a record, the index will remain free. I provided an option to fill in the index with a new bookmark manually. However, in this release I added the logic to pull-in the last record to the deleted index, making manual insertion redundant.

Another new capability is handling of piped input. This will enable you to combine buku with xsel and add selected text (on Linux) or copied text as bookmarks without touching the terminal. The next article on TuxDiary will explain the technique in detail.

Full DB refresh was broken for a while due to an issue with tag management. Both of these get a lot of love in this release and works better!

buku can now handle multiple levels of URL redirection or even detect loops and break out!

Before you squash all your bookmarks accidentally (I learnt from the mistake myself), buku will now confirm the action.

I don’t doubt buku now has¬†too many power options to remember. The new program help will show the few general and regular options clearly before the power toys. And the man page now has the examples for quick reference.

Better error detection and handling with catchier messages might grab your attention.

Find the release notes here.

Enjoy bookmarking with buku!

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