slurm: network stats on the console


slurm is a Linux network utility to monitor your network traffic in real time. It is similar to utilities like NetHogs or iftop and provides device statistics.

slurm supports 3 different ascii graphs and operates without any privileges. It also supports ascii themes.


To install slurm on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install slurm


To monitor network on wlan0, run:

$ slurm -i wlan0

Available options:

     -h      Print usage information and quit.
     -H      add hostname to title
     -c      start slurm with classic/combined graph
     -s      start slurm in split graph mode
     -l      start slurm in large split graph mode
     -z      virtually zero traffic counters instead of 
             showing values stored in kernel
     -d delay
             delay between screen updates in milliseconds
             (1000 = once per second)
     -i interface
             select interface to monitor (required)

Keyboard shortcuts:

     c       switch to classic mode
     s       switch to split graph mode
     l       switch to large graph mode
     L       enable TX/RX led
     m       switch between classic, split and large view
     z       zero counters
     r       redraw screen
     q       quit slurm


Features: 3.5/5
Usability: 4/5

On GitHub: slurm

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