GPMDP: Google Music on your desktop

Google Play Music Desktop Player

Google Play Music™ Desktop Player (GPMDP) is one of those utilities which got the same love for all platforms from the developers. Powered by Google’s material design, GPMDP delivers a beautiful musical experience for Google Play Music users.

GPMDP is built on the latest web technologies and uses lesser resource than Google Play running in a Chrome tab. GPMDP is an unofficial client and does not have any affiliation to Google.


  • Supports media keys (play, pause, stop, next, previous)
  • Scrobbling and Now Playing support!
  • Hands free Voice Controls!
  • Desktop notifications on track change
  • A simplistic mini player
  • Customizable Dark theme
  • Task bar media controls (media controls embedded into the taskbar) Windows only
  • Smooth scrolling and overlay scrollbars for a nicer User Experience
  • HTML5 Audio Support – No more Adobe Flash Player 
  • Minimize to task bar for background music playing
  • Customizable hotkeys, no worries if you don’t have media keys. Choose your own shortcuts
  • Choose your audio output device from within the player
  • Integrate with external applications using JSON or websocket interface
  • Multi-platform: supports several Linux flavours, Windows and Mac

GPMDP is under active development and tons of new features are being added.


Head over to the webpage and download the package for your platform.


Features: 4.5/5
Usability: 4.5/5

Webpage: Google Play Music™ Desktop Player

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