GitKraken: the missing Git client


Though most Linux devs may prefer git from the command-line, it doesn’t hurt to try a client with a beautiful GUI. GitKraken might be the client you always wanted to check out.


GitKraken is in beta at the time of writing and free to download and use. However, here are some quotes from the FAQ section of the official site:

How much does GitKraken cost?
GitKraken is currently free.

Will GitKraken always be free?
We don’t know. Our intent is to always have a free version, but some day, there might be some variations of GitKraken that might cost money. Right now, our focus is on building an amazing product that is worthy of users throwing cash at us.

Is GitKraken open source?
No. GitKraken is free (as in beer) but is not open source.

We have come across projects earlier which started as free and/or open source, got well-tested, stabilized and finally became commercial products. You have been warned!



  • Beautiful, really beautiful interface
  • Multiple side-by-side panes for different workflows: local and remote view, condensed history graph, (un)staged files
  • Add remote repository or raise a pull request
  • Full file history with blame
  • Graph search
  • Supports Linux and Windows


Downlaod the package for your OS from the official website and install it.


Features: 4.5/5
Usability: Intended for developers

Webpage: GitKraken

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