tuxtrans: Lost in Translation?


tuxtrans is an Ubuntu based distro developed specifically for translators and linguists in mind. It’s a nice pick for those who deal with different languages or multilingual text everyday and don’t have the time to search the tools they need. From machine translation to subtitling to text analysis, tuxtrans covers you with tons of free software those run out of the box.

tuxtrans is much more than a Ubuntu spin and reminds us of Debian Med. The current release is based on Xubuntu 14.04.3 featuring the XFCE DE. Along with en-US as the default locale, tuxtrans also includes DE, IT, ES. The default repos provide many more which are not pre-installed to minimize the ISO size.

Translation-related software

  • Machine Translation
    • Apertium +Start Parameters. OmegaT plugin with language pairs are installed in /opt/omegat/apertium.
  • Translation Memory
    • OmegaT: installed with plugins Okapi, FolderMenu, Apertium, as well as spellcheck dictionaries in /opt/omegat/spellch for the languages de, en, es, it, and sample dictionaries in /opt/omegat/dictionaries
    • Heartsome Tools
    • Anaphraseus
    • Open Language Tools
  • Software localization
    • Lokalize
    • Open Language Tools XLIFF Translation Editor
    • POEdit
    • Virtaal
  • Subtitling
    • Aegisub
    • Gaupol
    • Subtitle Editor
  • Terminology
    • CMap Lite: Concept systems and hierarchies
    • ForeignDesk-TermBase: Terminology management system
    • Freemind: Mindmapping and subject field hierarchies
    • GoldenDict: Dictionary program
    • EXTPhrj: Term/phrase extraction
    • TBX-Check: TBX conformity check
    • TheW: Thesaurus building
    • Terminology Extraction Suite TES
    • TTC terminology extraction TTC-termsuite
  • Alignment
    • BiText2TMX
    • LF-Aligner
  • Text analysis and Corpus Tools
    • AdTAT
    • AntConc
    • BootCat Frontend
    • TextSTAT2
  • Text Tools
    • Bluefish: HTML-Editor
    • DiffPDF: compare pdf files
    • KDiff3: compare text files
    • Esperantilo Text Editor
    • Geany: multipurpose Editor
    • Leafpad: simple Editor
    • PDFSam: extract and merge single pages
    • Xournal: annotate pdf files
    • PDF-Chain: GUI for pdf toolkit
    • gPDFText: convert to plain text with paragraph formatting
  • Translation management
    • Costa MT Evaluation Tool
    • Okapi Localization Tools: Rainbow, Checkmate, Olifant, Ratel, Ocelot
    • Open Language Tools XLIFF Filters
    • SDLTM Converter
    • Super TMX Merge
    • Maxprograms: TMX-Validator, XLIFF-Checker
    • TMX-Merger, TMX-Cleaner
    • XLIFF RoundTrip Tool


Grab the ISO from tuxtrans website.

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