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megaMega was one of the first services to offer GBs of cloud storage for free. Despite our early reservations about the service it seems Mega is doing is quite well and developing an ecosystem of several add-on features like cloud storage, messaging, audio/video chat etc. The security seems pretty sound too. Recently the team has released a number of cmdline utilities to manage Mega cloud storage including direct media streaming support.

The utilities released so far are:

  • megareg: register and verify a new mega account
  • megadf: show cloud storage space usage/quota
  • megals: list all remote files
  • megamkdir: create remote directory
  • megarm: remove remote file or directory
  • megaput: upload individual files
  • megaget: download individual files
  • megadl: download file from a “public” Mega link (doesn’t require login)
  • megastream: streaming download of a file (can be used to preview videos or music)
  • megacopy: upload or download a directory tree
  • megafs: mount remote filesystem locally.

While the initiative is the first of its kind from one of the cloud service providers, so many utilities delivering one service seems a overkill. However, the tools are opensource and hopefully someone can submit a patch to unify everything.


If you re on Ubuntu, download the package for Debian and install it. On Trusty, you may need to get the libssl1.0.2 package too (listed in dependencies).


The options may seem complex at first. However, each utility has its man page installed along with it. You may also refer to the online man page.


Features: 4/5
Usability: 3/5

On GitHub: megatools

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