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I love to watch foreign films. I understand the dialogues using subtitles in English. While SMPlayer does a great job in downloading subtitles, there are times when no matches are found or the subtitle isn’t synced. I use Subtitle Editor to fix them. Our current tool comes handy when I need to contribute back or I need to download subtitles for several movies quickly.

With respect to downloading subs, SubDownloader does the same thing as SMPlayer. However, it has the capability to upload subtitles too.

SubDownloader is written in Python-Qt and has a nice interface. You can select a directory with a video file in it and the tools scans it automatically. It then searches Open Subtitles for matching subs. All of this happens very quickly as the connection to the server happens only once – when you start the tool. You can select the particular language(s) you are interested in.


  • Recursively folders search
  • Directory tree for easy navigation
  • Multilingual (+50 languages)
  • Download entire folders of movies with just one click in few seconds
  • Upload subtitles
  • Works on Linux and Windows

I found one issue where SubDownloader couldn’t complete scanning the file because of a particular Unicode character in it.

Development seems to be slow and most of it happened in 2012.


SubDownloader is available in the default repos. To install, run:

$ sudo apt-get install subdownloader

The Launchpad page has a newer package available for download at the time of writing. It can be installed as upgrade on Trusty without any additional dependencies.


Features: 4/5
Usability: 3.5/5

On Launchpad: SubDownloader

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