Grapse: edit man pages online

hacker_compEditing man pages in vim is not exactly my favourite task. There are two reasons: the syntax of man pages and the need to frequently check the page with man after few edits. However, I have to do it often for Buku and google-cli. Seems like those days are over, thanks to the new web-based utility Grapse.

Grapse makes man page authoring as simple as it should be with a side-by side live preview pane. There are no other settings at the moment and I would think a useful service like this need not be bloated with feel-good features.

Grapse is open source and can be deployed easily on your system. However, I prefer the hosted counterpart.

If you are the maintainer of a Linux utility with a man page you would feel lucky too!


Features: 5/5
Usability: Depends on how well you know man page syntax

Webpage: Grapse

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