Introducing rating for software reviews

cool_penguin_smallOpen source and Linux software evaluation keeps the TuxDiary team busy. That’s how we bring interesting software and hacks to you throughout the year. However, we have never used any rating system to provide a brief but indicative overview of the utility under review. Here’s the good news: TuxDiary has introduced a rating system from 01 Jan, 2016!

A rating system does help readers get a quick idea of the software. Recently we have been receiving requests from users on the same line. What can be a better time to start it other than the new year?

The scale is from 0 to 5 allowing .5 rates eventually making it a 10 point scale.

To begin with we are introducing only two parameters which seem sufficient to us at the moment. This will also keep it short and simple:

  • Features
    How does the tool compare to other software available in the same area? Does it lack features? Is it bloated? The answers would be availble in the <i>Features</i> section and the rating would indicate that.
  • Usability
    How easy is the software? TuxDiary is primarily intended for newbies and early adopters but we do cover utilities like reverse engineering tools. We will provide a rating if the utility can be used by less advanced end users otherwise specifically mention that the utility is for advanced users.

Do let us know your suggestions on the rating system!

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