StarUML is available for Ubuntu


If you are a developer you must have come across StarUML at some point or another. It is a very old and popular UML modelling software. However, for years, it was available only for Windows. Hunting for a good alternative we just noticed that StarUML has a native Linux client for almost a year now! However, from the Google search results it seems there wasn’t enough noise.

StarUML is definitely a piece of software a pure Linux developer (those who don’t want to use wine as well) would miss, more so if he/she works in the object oriented paradigm.

Note that the version available for download is technically an evaluation version. However, there are no feature or time limitations. It shows a prompt when you start the program or save a diagram.

The Linux client looks beautiful and very different from the conventional Windows client (which also has uniform looks now), thanks to the awesome GUI design. StarUML Linux uses Gtk for the GUI (we had mistaken it for Qt at first sight). There are no heavy dependencies like JAVA.

You can install or remove extensions supporting several languages like C++, JAVA etc.

Features (in 2.x)

  • UML 2
  • ERD support
  • Fast modeling
  • Retina display ready
  • Extension manager
  • Markdown support (extension)
  • Model driven development
  • Code Engineering
  • Open APIs to extend
  • Asynchronous model validation
  • Publish HTML docs
  • PDF export


Download the package for your architecture and install it as usual on Ubuntu.


Features: 5/5
Usability: 4/5

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