reverse: disassemble binaries


Reverse engineering needs a strong understanding of assembly language. In general, tools like radare2 disassemble binaries and show the output in assembly. reverse is a new tool to show pseudo C output.

reverse is written in python 3 and is under heavy development at the time of writing.


  • Shows coloured syntax
  • Supports x86, ARM, MIPS{64} (partially) archs
  • Supports ELF, PE, RAW formats
  • Supports interactive (more options) and visual modes


reverse is not available as a package at the time of writing. To use it, you must install from source (common for python utilities). Run:

$ git clone
$ cd reverse
$ chmod +x
$ ./


reverse comes with some test binaries. The simplest usecase is:

$ ./ tests/server.bin

Of course, you an try your own binaries instead if server.bin.


Features: 4/5
Usability: Intended for advanced users

On GitHub: reverse

3 thoughts on “reverse: disassemble binaries”

  1. Does it support the binaries generated out of C language for different architectures OR even the binaries generated out of other languages, as I looked into the tests folder, they contain mostly C source code files.

    1. C programs are being tested extensively at the moment. Probably due to the nature of the decompiled output.
      However, you can try ELF binaries generated otherwise too. In case it doesn’t work at all, the best option would be to raise a bug against the project on GitHub. It would be a nice enhancement.

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