Buku is the new MarkIt


Our regular readers might remember the utility I wrote to save my bookmarks. I have renamed it to Buku to avoid any copyright issues as there a service named Markit.

The latest released version adds manual AES256 encryption support. buku also has added several other features like all-inclusive string search, better handling of title tags, full database refresh, better error reporting and much more!

The development version (at the time of writing), supports custom number of hash passes for key generation. The default is 8. This is to ensure that a user can use as many passes he wants to generate the encryption key. If a user chooses a weak password, Buku is now smart enough to tackle the situation with a random 256-bit salt which works in combination with the password to generate the encryption key.

Do try it out!

BTW, Buku is my son’s nickname and I thought it goes well with a tiny bookmarking utility.

On GitHub: Buku

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