Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker (& images)


Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker (UPFM) is a project to create custom Ubuntu (including derivatives) images for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. If you already own the board, it’s high time you check out the project.

The project has gown around a small script from the Raspberry Pi 2 initiative of Ubuntu Mate project. Now it’s a collection of a few scripts and a PPA with necessary software and drivers.

The base is Ubuntu armhf, and the installation procedure uses the regular desktop utilities like apt-get and dpkg. As a matter of fact, the look and feel remains the same as the desktop counterparts and the environment remains very familiar.

To make your life easier, custom images for the following flavours are available:

  • Lubuntu
  • Ubuntu MATE (most features as of now)
  • Ubuntu Server (minimal and standard)
  • Xubuntu

The following are planned:

  • Kubuntu
  • Ubuntu Unity
  • Ubuntu GNOME

The team recommends using a Class 6 or Class 10 microSDHC card for a well-responsive system.

The steps to generate a custom image are explained in the following presentation video:

Webpage: Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker

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