PCManFM shows hidden files on Trusty

ubuntu_logo_81x81If you are a PCManFM user on Ubuntu 14.04 you must be irritated by now that the file manager shows hidden files in every directory and preserves the same setting across sessions. I was about to switch to Nautilus when I found a workaround.

The issue is fixed upstream on Ubuntu 14.10 (and not on the LTS version!). The PCManFM version available on Trusty is 1.2.0-1. I started looking for the deb package for 14.10.

It’s available on Launchpad. Currently the version for Vivid Vervet is 1.2.3-1.1. I downloaded the deb package and it installed fine on Trusty.

My current settings are:

Show Hidden: unchecked
Preserve This Folder's Settings: checked

The settings didn’t become persistent immediately. I believe it worked after a reboot.

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