Panopticlick 2: test browser security

eff_compPanopticlick from EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) got a new update in version 2. It’s an online service is to check how secure your browser is from online tracking. Our regular readers might remember, EFF is also the team behind Privacy Badger.

Panopticlick receives only anonymous data and tries to identify your browser uniquely from that. There are 4 categories of verification:

  • Is your browser blocking tracking ads?
  • Is your browser blocking invisible trackers?
  • Does your browser unblock 3rd parties that promise to honor Do Not Track?
  • Does your browser protect from fingerprinting?

The last one, fingerprinting, is a tough thing to achieve without using Tor and plugins like NoScript (included in Tor Browser Bundle).

So what are you waiting for? Test your browser now!

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