A taste of Linux on Windows

tux_compWe wrote about ports of GNU utilities like find and grep for Windows in an earlier article. However, in a situation where a Linux junkie may have to work on Windows for long durations, only those tools may not be enough. Can you live without ls, for example?  There are packages like Cygwin, Gow and babun but we will check out some more standalone utilities today.

GnuWin32 should be your first stop. It has a huge number of utilities compiled for Windows. The CoreUtils package comes with many cmdline utilities we use on a regular basis.

Our second choice is UnxUtils. It has a huge number of packages too. The find coming with this package works more like the Linux counterpart than the one in GnuWin32 project.

Having come this far, how about a cool shell? Try win-bash! It is a standalone binary and can run shell scripts too.

Last but not the least, Windows default command prompt sucks. Be it copy pasting or expanding the prompt area, it’s a nice example of retarded software. Check¬†out Console or ColorConsole.

Do let us know if you use similar utilities.

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