SymphonyOS: another light kiosk OS


SymphonyOS adds to our list of distros with a kiosk mode. As an additional perk, it also comes with a fresh DE – Mezzo based on the lightweight fvwm window manager.

SymphonyOS aims to be a web-based OS with Linux at its core. It has extensive support for HTML5 and runs fine on older hardware with as less as 256MB of RAM. The look and feel resembles Windows 8 to Windows 10 closely.

SymphonyOS supports only 64-bit as of now and the last beta release (version 15.0 at the time of writing) came 11 months earlier. You can download the ISO in the Downloads section of the distro’s website (linked below).

You can enable kiosk mode by creating the .kiosk file in your home directory. If you want to logout, you have to switch to the terminal using <Ctrl-Alt-F1>.

If you want to try out the Mezzo desktop on Ubuntu, try the following steps:

  • Add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list
    $ deb symphonyos main
  • Download the gpg key and add it:
    $ wget
    $ sudo apt-add key key.gpg
  • Install the desktop environment:
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ apt-get install symphony-desktop
    $ sudo dpkg --configure -a
    $ apt-get -f install

Logout and you should find Mezzo desktop entry in lightdm.

Webpage: SymphonyOS

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