Li-Fi: data transmission via light

xabberAfter Ethernet and Wi-Fi, scientists have come up with Li-Fi. The working principle is very simple: blinking LED lights can work as signals with different meanings and the signals can be fed into a bunch of LED lights by a single controller.

All digital data is binary in nature. The ON state of a LED signifies 1 and the OFF state 0. That’s the base of this innovation. Li-FI is the successor and optical version of today’s Wi-Fi wireless transmission technology. Light travels very fast and LEDs come cheap. Li-Fi is approximately 100 times faster than WiFi.

The concept of Li-Fi is not new, scientists were working for years. However, this is a major breakthrough. It was tested in an office by Estonian start-up Velmenni, in Tallinn.


  • It can achieve 10Gbps speed theoretically, which means you can download HD movies in 30 seconds!
  • Low cost LEDs used as building blocks
  • Fast and simple principle of transmission
  • Li-Fi bandwidth is 10,000 times that of radio waves

Practical use

  • Buy a suitable Li-Fi LED lighting (transmitter)
  • Add Li-Fi key to device to connect

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