LabxNow adds 150K custom images


When we came across LabxNow earlier we visioned it as a better alternative to Koding. However, it seems that the team has stronger ideas in mind. LabxNow has become in the cloud what Distroshare intended to become for your local hardware. In a recent communication, the team updated us of their new features to create custom projects (or generate from templates). There are 150K (you read it right) images to choose from when you are setting up a customer project environment.

This makes LabxNow a cloud hosted Linux desktop environment available at your beck and call. Or shall we call it Linux as a Service?

We looked up Ubuntu and found image like dev, webdev, cuda, hadoop, oracle JDP and more, from different Ubuntu versions. This means that you do not need to go through the pain of setting up an environment from scratch to start your work. Isn’t that fascinating?

Quick steps to create a custom project

  1. On the left pane expand Projects and click on add a new project…
  2. In the next page you can choose from one of the templates but try the Customize tab. The action lies there.
  3. Click on the square with the + symbol.
  4. Search for your intended environment using keywords in the Add a New Machine popup.

    linux_aio_comp Search results

  5. Add other information like machine name, project information etc.
  6. Your new machine should now be available under left pane Machines in Environment section.

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