CloudReady: transform any hardware into Chromebook


It’s not long that we explored Chromixium OS, a Linux distro with the look and feel of Google’s Chrome OS. Well, what did you know? There’s fresh competition with a flexible business model. We’re talking of CloudReady from neverware.

CloudReady offers 3 options to buy/try it: for educators, individuals and enterprises. The first and last one construct a reasonable business model that would help the distro sustain.

As you would suspect, it is a heavily customized Linux distribution with a strong emphasis on the browser. The look and feel resembles Chrome OS closely. Hardware support is inherited from Linux and CloudReady runs on our dusty Pentium 4 lying around in the corner. The distribution is intentionally lightweight as you are supposed to use the browser more and native apps less. Updates are automatic and Google services are integrated (as in Chromebook).

The compressed ~600MB image is available for download and Linux users can dd it on a USB pen drive to use it live. Alternative (and more comfortable) installation options are available in an easy handbook. What we would love to see is a x86_64 bit version. Currently CloudReady comes in 32-bit only.

Webpage: CloudReady

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