France votes for open source, Govt. not keen

opensource_compAfter India, it seems the French are the next in queue favouring open source for the government administrative offices. The results of a public consultation on France’s Digital Republic bill came out after 20 days of public voting and debate. 147,710 votes were cast, 8501 proposals received and 21,330 participants were engaged.

The proposal was submitted by April, France’s free software advocacy group and the one relevant to open source software usage in administrative offices is in the third spot in the results.

Another proposal from April, to open the source code of software used in Govt. offices for public scrutiny is also in the seventh place.

Unfortunately, none of the recommendations translated to the final bill which means the last hopes are with the French Parliamentary discussions. In addition, given the critical nature and effect of the recent Paris mishap this agenda might take a lesser priority. At this point, it doesn’t seem like the French Govt. is keen on adapting open source software on a large scale.

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