Android VTS: check vulnerabilities

android_compAndroid VTS is a security vulnerability checked app for Android. While Google patches to Nexus devices are regular for known security issues or CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), the response time varies widely between OEMs to the extent of no patches at all. Android VTS runs tests to figure out which vulnerabilities are not patched on a device and notifies the user of the same. In essence it’s a test suite.

Current checks include:

  • ZipBug9950697
  • Zip Bug 8219321 / Master keys
  • Zip Bug 9695860
  • Jar Bug 13678484 / Android FakeID
  • CVE 2013-6282 / put/get_user
  • CVE_2011_1149 / PSNueter / Ashmem Exploit
  • CVE_2014_3153 / Futex bug / Towelroot
  • CVE 2014-3847 / WeakSauce
  • StumpRoot
  • Stagefright bugs
  • x509 Serialization bug
  • PingPong root – CVE-2015-3636
  • Stagefright – CVE-2015-6602
  • Samsung Remote Code Execution as System

If your device hasn’t received any update over 6 months, it’s high time you run this useful app and check the status of the Android version on your device.

On Google Play: VTS for Android

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