Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator to be overhauled

After OOBE, plans to rewrite Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator (SDC) surfaced today. The goal is to write a completely new tool and release it with Ubuntu 16.04. The new tool would be written in GO and QML and some mock-ups are available. Non-Ubuntu ISOs might also be supported.

The main reasons behind writing a new tool are the lengthy workflow, abundance of unimportant information and dated GUI of the current utility. The newer SDC is planned to be as easy as possible for the user with minimal options to choose a target USB pen drive, a source ISO (or download an image directly from the tool) and create the USB in a click.

There’s a major focus on automatically finding ISOs on the system within 300ms using locate, Zeitgeist and find utilities. As per the current recommendation, if no ISO is found but the device is connected to the internet a download view would be opened. If both the options fail, an error window would be displayed.

The SDC is a very useful piece of utility on Ubuntu and this facelift cum simplification is going to be a welcome change.

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