Rescatux: Debian based rescue distro

Rescatux is from the developers of Super GRUB2. It is a useful distro for disaster recovery, e.g., your system is not booting or there is a filesystem error. You can create a live USB out of the distro ISO using Universal USB Installer or Ubuntu ImageWriter.

Features (beta included)

  • Restore GRUB1/2, update GRUB menus
  • Change Linux password
  • Regenerate sudoers file
  • Restore Windows MBR
  • Clear Windows password (check Pogostick as well)
  • Promote a Windows user to Administrator role
  • Unlock Windows user
  • File system check (with forced fix)
  • Support options through chat, web, log sharing, boot info script
  • Useful tools like photorec, testdisk, gpart, extundelete included


Download the ISO (the names ending with bn mean beta) and use Universal USB Installer or Ubuntu ImageWriter to create a live USB out of it. Boot your system using the USB.

Webpage: Rescatux

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