bucket: shell clipboard manager

terminalbucket is like vim copy paste registers, only for the shell (bash and fish currently). You can save text clips in a bucket for later use. Though the name is bucket, it’s actually a bucket management system. There are multiple buckets involved, or you can use the default unnamed bucket.


  • Use multiple buckets
  • Add, list, delete, modify, search buckets
  • Supports bash and fish shells


Installtion is manual at the moment. We raised a bug on the project to make it automated.

Currently, clone the GitHub project:

$ git clone https://github.com/alphapapa/bucket
$ cd bucket

For bash, copy bucket.sh anywhere in your PATH, for example, in /usr/local/bin.

For fish shell, run:

$ cp bucket.fish getopts.fish ~/.config/fish/functions/

For fish shell completion, you need to source the file:

$ source bucket.completions.fish


bucket is a very dynamic utility with great flexibility and numerous use cases.

Add text to default bucket:

$ bucket "Some text"

Pour from default bucket:

$ bucket
Some text

Pipe to a named bucket “test” from default one:

$ bucket | bucket test

Pour from the named bucket:

$ bucket test

Pipe to a named bucket verbosely:

$ dmesg | grep error | bucket -v errors
[ 7.817768] EXT4-fs (sdc1): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro,user_xattr

Append to a bucket:

$ bucket -a test "Some more text"

List all buckets

$ bucket -l
// Verbosely, with only first line
$ bucket -lv
// Verbosely, will pull content
$ bucket -lV

grep text in buckets:

$ bucket -g "some text"

Edit a bucket:

$ bucket -e test

Empty a bucket:

$ bucket -E test

Expire more than 2 weeks old buckets:

$ sleep 14d
$ bucket -x

More help:

$ bucket -h

On GitHub: bucket

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