Polari IRC client integrates Gnome Pastebin

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a highly popular medium of communication among open source devs. There are numerous IRC clients available and my personal favourite is Pidgin IRC plugin. Gnome has its own IRC client, Polari (aka “It’s Yoghurt. It’s French”), for a while now. Polari got an important update in Gnome 3.18.1, the ability to paste directly into Gnome’s home grown pastebin service.

There were other ways to do that earlier. I use fpaste nowadays. However, a seamless integration into an IRC client helps. In this release, Polari pastes text directly to the distro-agnostic Gnome Pastebin service when the user inputs more than 5 lines of text. Gnome Pastebin is a fresh service and devs using the Gnome DE are going to love it for sure. While we are at it, Gnome pastebin has a desktop client of it’s own too!

Gnome Pastebin client

Polari notifies you when someone takes your name or sends you a private message. It shows you the messages which were sent when you were offline. Above all, you can respond to the messages directly from the notification bubble.

If you are using the Gnome desktop environment, Polari is already available in your distro’s software repository. The pastebin integration comes with Gnome 3.18.1.

Webpage: Polari

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