instantmusic: Shazam for Linux

musicHave you ever missed Shazam music search service on Linux? Or the part where you remember a song partially and want to hear it again but have no idea what the track is? Instant Music Downloader is a fresh utility to search and download a song using any part of it you remember.

Before proceeding, we must warn that using instantmusic may lead to copyright infringements. So be absolutely sure that you are downloading tracks which legally downloadable.

Instant Music Downloader uses the popular utility youtube-dl in the background.


  • Search music by name, lyrics, artist
  • Console based interactive mode
  • Download a single song or a list of songs
  • Read input from a file
  • Automatically add ID3 tags to mp3 files (title, artist, album name, album art, lyrics)


To install on Ubuntu, run:

$ git clone
$ cd Instant-Music-Downloader
$ sudo ./


// Python 2.7
$ sudo pip install instantmusic
// Python 3.4
$ sudo pip3 install instantmusic


Instant Music Downloader is easy to use. Here’s a flow:

$ instantmusic
>> Enter songname/ lyrics/ artist.. or whatever
A world of fragile things
>>Downloaded My Last Breath - Evanescence

Need more help?

$ instantmusic -h

Webpage: Instant Music Downloader

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