Ubuntu OOBE to be revamped

First impressions matter! From that perspective the Ubuntu OOBE from Ubiquity has done well. However, it has been there for years and probably users are looking for something newer, faster and sleek. The good news is, Canonical knows this and is working on a new design for the Ubuntu installer interface.

OOBE is the first thing a new user visualizes and done rightly, it can leave a strong and lasting effect. Getting started with a new OS on your smartphone or desktop computer is not easy and involves a difficult choice. A user-friendly setup does make things simpler. The new changes are aimed at 4 key aspects: design for seduction, simplicity, brand introduction through design and setup wizard transformation. From the first look, Canonical is nailing it with stunning visually appealing UI redesign.

The new design works across devices

WiFi setup

There is no date available when this will be shipped. However, the implementation is ongoing and we can expect it the next release after Ubuntu 15.10.

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