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pastebinit_compfpaste is a text sharing utility (like pastebinit or gist.sh) written in python. It works with Fedora’s pastebin service fpaste.org. However, Ubuntu users may also want to use it because of its unique features. Turns out it’s very easy to use on Ubuntu as well.


  • 200+ language/syntax support
  • tag paste with alias
  • private password protected pastes
  • self-destructing pastes
  • integrated option to share system information
  • returns short and long paste URL
  • read in from X clipboard, copy returned URL to clipboard


Run the following commands on Ubuntu:

$ git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/fpaste.git
$ cd fpaste
$ sudo make install


The utility has an extensive help section:

Usage: fpaste [OPTION]... [FILE]...
  send text file(s), stdin, or clipboard to the http://paste.fedoraproject.org/ pastebin and return the URL.

  fpaste file1.txt file2.txt
  dmesg | fpaste
  (prog1; prog2; prog3) | fpaste
  fpaste --sysinfo -d "my laptop" --confirm
  fpaste -n codemonkey -d "problem with foo" -l python foo.py

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  fpaste.org Options:
    -n "NICKNAME"       your nickname; default is "";
    -l "LANGUAGE"       language of content for syntax highlighting; default
                        is "text"; use "list" to show all 201 supported langs
    -x EXPIRES          time before paste is removed; default is 2592000
                        seconds; valid options: 1800, 21600, 86400, 604800,
    -P "PRIVATE", --private="PRIVATE"
                        make paste private; default is yes; valid options:
                        yes, no
                        URL of fpaste server; default is
    -d "PASSWORD", --password="PASSWORD"
                        password for paste; default is

  Input/Output Options:
    -i, --clipin        read paste text from current X clipboard selection
                        [requires: xsel]
    -o, --clipout       save returned paste URL to X clipboard
    --selection=CLIP    specify which X clipboard to use. valid options:
                        "primary" (default; middle-mouse-button paste),
                        "secondary" (uncommon), or "clipboard" (ctrl-v paste)
    --fullpath          use pathname VS basename for file description(s)
    --pasteself         paste this script itself
    --sysinfo           paste system information
    --printonly         print paste, but do not send
    --confirm           print paste, and prompt for confirmation before

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