Frogr: Flickr from Linux

If you haven’t heard already, Flickr offers free 1TB cloud storage for your photos for lifetime. There is no official Linux client yet and you have t depend on third-party utilities to upload your photos. Frogr is a feature-rich application for the same.


  • Upload pictures and videos to Flickr, specifying details such as title, description, tags, visibility, content type, safety level and whether to “show up on global search results”.
  • Upload pictures and videos from remote machines, through different protocols (SMB, SSH, FTP…).
  • Load/save the work session from/to ‘project’ files.
  • Set specific licenses and geo-location information for pictures right from the desktop.
  • Specify sets and group pools for the elements to be added to after the upload process.
  • Create sets right from frogr, opposite to just adding elements to already existing ones.
  • Command line interface and integration as MIME type handler for pictures.
  • Import tags from picture’s meta-information (if present) when loading.
  • Handle multiple Flickr accounts.
  • Specify HTTP proxies manually.
  • Integrated with GNOME Shell (and other DEs too) and the Mac OS X desktops.


To install Frogr on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install frogr

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