Pinguy Builder: Remastersys revived for Ubuntu

If you are not aware of Remastersys, it was a utility to create live or installable CDs and USBs from a running system along with user data, used heavily to create custom spins from stock Linux distributions. The project was discontinued years back while it was still functional.

The utility has been revived by the Pinguy OS team as Pinguy Builder with additional features:

  • Create a distributable livecd or a backup of your system
  • Confirmed to work with Ubuntu 14.04, 14.10, 15.04 and derivatives
  • Single package for Script and GUI
  • Full EFI support including EFI system partition on ISO
  • Populate pool folder with grub-efi for offline installing
  • Uses XZ format to compress the filesystem.squashfs for smaller ISO size
  • Update grub entry with the name used for the CD label


Download the deb package. Version 3.* works works with Ubuntu 14.04, 4.* works with 15.04. For 14.10 try both. Run:

$ sudo apt-get install dialog squashfs-tools casper libdebian-installer4 ubiquity-frontend-debconf user-setup discover xresprobe aufs-tools python-glade2 python-vte
$ sudo dpkg -i pinguybuilder-version_all.deb


Pinguy Builder generates an installable ISO. If you select the Dist option, the entire system (sans data in your home directory and personal info) will be backed up. The Backup option does what it means. Both can run as a live distro. The Dist version has no password.

Now you can build your own custom distro and share on services like Distroshare for others.

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