Opera includes SurfEasy VPN, not for Linux yet

opera-compHope you haven’t counted Opera browser out of the equation yet. While Firefox is focussing on browser security and tracking protection, Opera has just integrated SurfEasy, a VPN service it acquired recently. Using a VPN ensures that even your ISP can’t snoop into your browsing information.

While this is a welcome news, Linux users have to wait. Given Opera’s poor history of Linux support (e.g. the 18 months loooong pause after Opera 12 for Linux), hoping that the feature will be available for Linux in a few months might be wishful thinking. Adventurous Linux users can try out the Windows version using wine and verify if the feature works. If you do, please leave a comment with the results. (We do not have wine installed on any of our systems as native Linux software are more than sufficient for our needs.)

However, the initiative in itself is commendable and opens a space for browser enhancement. SurfEasy integration is available in the Windows and Mac version of Opera 32. 500MB data transfer is free and there are several ways to increase the quota.

Opera 32 also introduces password sync but we don’t encourage storing your passwords in an unknown location with a Third-Party (with all due respect to the organization behind Opera).

Those who are looking for anonymity and privacy online on Linux, check out Firefox based Tor.

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