Apricity & Chalet: beautiful distros

It’s almost a year we explored some beautiful Linux distributions. The world of distros spin fast and Elementary doesn’t hold the top spot any more. Let’s explore two relatively newer beautiful distros you would love to grab and test. Not only are they beautiful, they come with the latest and best features and software from Linuxland (and minimal hardware requirements). Read on!

Apricity OS

Apricity is an Arch Linux spin with beautiful aesthetics and simplicity of use. Which i surprising, given Arch Linux is generally considered a tricky distro for newbies. The ISO is a whopping 1.7GB at the time of writing but it comes loaded with software for all your needs. It uses a carefully trimmed down Gnome desktop environment not to affect the distro performance. Booting takes a few seconds and around 500MB memory is used when idle. Apricity supports both BIOS and UEFI and is available only for x86_64 devices at the time of writing.

Bundled software

  • ICE to access favourite websites from desktop
  • TLP for improved power management
  • Pushbullet to keep your devices connected
  • Wine and PlayOnLinux to run Windows software
  • Syncthing for cross-platform data storage and sharing
  • sbackup, the Gnome backup solution
  • Pamac package manager (with regular updates, rolling release)
  • Liquid Prompt for a more useful terminal prompt
  • Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW)
  • HiDPI compatibility
  • LibreOffice, Totem, Gnome Photos, Gnome Music, Gnome Calendar and Steam


One look at the Chalet desktop and you will know it mimics Windows. Chalet is spun from Xubuntu with a highly customized XFCE desktop environment. Despite effects like transparency, widgets (clock, weather) etc. Chalet remained highly responsive on our test VM. The distro comes with beautiful custom themes and widget styles. The ISO size is 1.2GB at the time of writing.

Bundled software

  • Accessories: Archive Manager, Calculator, Catfish File Search, File Manager (Thunar), Mousepad Text Editor, Notes, Screenshot, Terminal Emulator
  • Games: 2048, AisleRiot Solitaire, PlayOnLinux
  • Graphics: GIMP Image Editor, Ristretto Image Viewer, Simple Scan
  • Internet: Firefox Web Browser, Great Little Radio Player, Pidgin Internet Messenger, Thunderbird, QBitTorrent
  • Office: Dictionary, Document Viewer (Evince), Great Little Book Shelf
  • Settings: ChaletOS Style Changer, Default Style Restore, AutoMount
  • Multimedia: Audacious, Audio Recorder, Brasero, Cheese, VLC Media Player, PulseAudio Control
  • System: BleachBit, Disks, Disk Analizer, GDebi Package Installer, Synaptic Package Manager, Task Manager, GParted, Ubuntu Software Center, Wine, Windows Wireless Drivers, USB Formatter, USB Image Writer, Startup Disk Creator

There are some minor glitches in Chalet which need fixing. For example, the weather widget remains preset to New York though we selected a different timezone during installation.

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