Try latest LXQt on Manjaro

LXQt is a desktop environment that combines the venerable LXDE with Qt. It is under development for sometime and seems to have reached a stable state. The screenshot above was shared by an LXQt dev minutes back on Reddit and looks nothing like the good old LXDE desktop (take a look at the LXQt desktop from its initial days).


  • Openbox theme: Numix Frost
  • Icon theme: Numix Circle
  • Widget Theme: Arc-Darker

Amazing, isn’t it? The theming support is powerful as well as highly extensible. Check out a screenshot of the Chromium theme from the same developer.

If you are tempted to try it out right now, you are in luck! Download the Manjaro ISO with latest GitHub revision of LXQt.

The official Manjaro ISOs for x86 and x86_64 are available too, albeit with a bit older (and stock-ish) LXQt.

LXQt is far lighter than regular desktop environments like Gnome and KDE. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it is not going to sacrifice anything with respect to look and feel as well. Of course, as with any other Linux desktop environment, it will work with your favourite distribution too.

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