bashstyle-ng: spice up bash (& more)

terminalWe visited several power prompts earlier but bashstyle-ng is much more than a fancier prompt. In addition to bash, it can also change the look and feel and behaviour of readline, vim, git and nano.

While bashstyle-ng doesn’t add any feature to the existing utilities, it makes it very easy to manage or configure several useful features.


  • Bash
    – 12 pre-defined prompt styles (all are customizable). Random prompts.
    – Create own prompt using UI
    – Coloured man, ls and grep output
    – Restore last visited directory on new session
    – Includes lscd, a powerful ls
    – Customize bash history, shell options (shopts)
    – Customize completion blacklist, timeout, welcome message…
  • Git
    – set git username, email, editor, coloured output
  • Readline
    – (Un)set completion, case sensitivity, horizontal completion, mark filetypes and folders, include hidden files incompletion
    – Customize almost 30 keybindings
  • Vim
    – (Un)set remember last position, syntax highlighting, auto indention, case sensitive search, incremental search, display line numbers, highlight current line/column, dark or light background, line-wrap and tab-length, color scheme
    – Enable ruler/set ruler format
  • Nano
    – (Un)set search history, syntax highlighting, auto indention, case sensitive search
    – Fix backspace and numblock assignment
  • Extra features for systemkit, gitkit, math conversion functions, random string generation, additional scripts and more…


To install bashstyle-ng, run:

$ git clone
$ cd bashstyle-ng
$ ./configure
$ make

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