Memories of Murder [Salinui Chueok] (2003)

I had been longing to watch Memories of Murder for a while and finally made it during the weekend. It’s an intense thriller from South Korea and one of the best adaptations of crimes committed in real life. The storyline remains very true to the original sequence of incidents between 1986 and 1991 in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province (and is quite disturbing at times). The characters are fun to watch and comic reliefs galore but it doesn’t distract you from the theme. Despite the humour, there’s always a tension building up. There is a rare perfection in movie; the director has made sure that you keep wondering at the edge of your seat who the real murderer is. The music strikes a perfect balance with the atmosphere. While the end might not be liked by everyone, remember that Memories of Murder narrates the actual events with a tinge of commercialization. The high rating on IMDB is absolutely justified. My rating would be 9/10. Strictly for adults due to graphic nudity and violence.

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