Truecaller, here’s a feature request!

Dear Truecaller Team,

Many users find Truecaller handy to track unknown numbers. Sometimes it is really useful. However, there are other ways of tracking down a number. In addition, if someone wants to remain untraced on purpose he can always call from a public phone booth.

As per my understanding this is how your app works: it adds all the contacts in a phone’s address book to Truecaller database. Does it ask for permission? Yes, it does! And I granted the permission when I tapped on the I Agree button under the Terms & Conditions. Did I read it carefully? 🙂

I believe the way Truecaller works is a huge invasion on privacy. It takes advantage of the way the human brain works in familiar situations. While I can’t complain on the usefulness of the app in some situations, I do NOT want a third-party have access to my contact number without my permission either. I am ready to give up the convenience of Truecaller in exchange of getting back my privacy. I never gave permission to my friends to share my number with the world. Unknowingly, I did it myself too!

I could find a way to unlist my number from your trusted database. However, I think you should provide a stronger option, so here’s a feature request: please provide an in-app option to remove my details and the details of the acquaintances I shared with you from my address book. You are welcome to delete my Truecaller account in return.

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