kali-scripts: get Kali Linux ready to roll

hacker_compKali Linux is considered one of the best Linux based hacker distros. Even Mr. Robot uses it for his exploits ;). Kali was developed for penetration testing and ethical hacking by Offensive Security. Sounds exciting? Not so fast!

By default, Kali is not easy to use like Ubuntu as it’s not intended for the regular desktop Linux user. You need to install several pieces of software to make it comfortable. The good news is, GitHub project kali-scripts provides loads of scripts to make the job easier for you. In addition to software like desktop environments or browsers, it has scripts to install more security related software too.

Note that the project is still under development at the time of writing and there might be installation glitches (from the project disclaimer). However, we tried a few and they worked as expected.


  • autoinstall.sh: install ALL in AUTO mode
  • desktop.sh: desktop environment installation and postinstall configuration (Gnome, XFCE, KDE)
  • dev.sh: developer tools (GCC, Python, Ruby)
  • embedded.sh: embedded developer toolchains (MIPS, ARM)
  • hardware.sh: stuff to deal with hardware (Arduino, OLS, Sigrok)
  • helper.sh: misc helpful functions
  • internet.sh: browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Chromium) and IM (Jabber, Skype)
  • phone.sh: tools for communication with mobile phones (iOS, Android)
  • pentest.sh: pentest tools installation script (MITMf,)
  • postinstall.sh: common software installation and configuration (SSH, GDM, MSF, PostgreSQL)
  • video.sh: video drivers installation script (Nvidia, AMD)
  • vm.sh: script to install vm hypervisors or vm tools (VirtualBox, VMWare, Parallels)
  • wireless.sh: wireless stuff (WiFi, Bluetooth, SDR)


Nothing fancy here. Execute:

$ git clone https://github.com/0x90/kali-scripts

and run the installer you want.

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