mongoose: zero config http server

We already explored some options to share a directory quickly over http (like h2o and Boa) earlier. However, it seems like there are more interesting options. mongoose is a statically linked binary that can run on multiple platforms and share a directory in a few seconds over http.

mongoose is very lightweight and the intended use is as an embedded server that can be started from code or scripts. mongoose also has its own library to work as a GUI based web server with RESTful services, RPC frameworks (e.g. JSON-RPC), telemetry data exchange and support for many other tasks. The http server binary is statically linked to lua, sqlite and ssl.


  • Works on UNIX/Linux, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android eCos, QNX and many other platforms
  • CGI, SSI, SSL, Digest auth, Websocket, WEbDAV, Resumed download, URL rewrite, file blacklist
  • Custom error pages, Virtual hosts, IP-based ACL, Windows service, HTTP/HTTPS client
  • Simple and clean embedding API. The source is in single C file to make embedding easy
  • Extremely lightweight, has a core of under 40kB and tiny runtime footprint
  • Asynchronous, non-blocking core supporting single- or multi-threaded usage


You do not need to install anything, that’s the point. Download the free version on your platform and run it on the spot!

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