pmrp: radio stations from cmdline


We explored internet radio players like Yarock, XiX and Nuvola in our earlier articles. Though they differ in certain features, all of these players have nice GUIs. How about a lightweight online radio player that plays right from the terminal and doesn’t obstruct you in any way? Enter pmrp (Poor Man’s Radio Player).

pmrp is written in bash shell script and has a menu driven interface making it very easy to navigate. The workflow is to find a station of your choice or mood and play it. It uses the mpg123 library in the background. It also shows a nice Jimi Hendrix quote while exiting.



  • 16 station categories to pick from, each having a set of stations within
  • 250+ radio stations at the time of writing
  • Listen to music, news, talk-shows, interviews and more
  • Simple interface and easy navigation
  • Now playing information
  • Less than 10MB memory usage


To install pmrp on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install mpg123
$ git clone
$ chmod +x pmrp/pmrp


To start pmrp, execute the script as:

$ ./pmrp

The menus are self-explanatory.

On GitHub: pmrp

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