krill: read news that’s important to you

krill is a news feed reader like canto or newsbeuter. However, unlike these two which just show you any feeds appearing at the source, krill has a special filtering capability to show you news of your interest. krill can take multiple filter patterns or regexes as input and filter incoming feeds based on them.


  • Understands RSS, Atom, CDF
  • Can fetch Twitter updates (users or hashtags, no passwd required)
  • Displays filtered news in a minimal, clean and colourful live stream
  • Specify string or regex patterns in file (used as input)
  • Written in Python


To install krill on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install python-beautifulsoup python-feedparser python-blessings

The download and run this script.


Setting up krill is a one time affair if you use a source file (for feed sources) and filter file (for filtering news feeds as per your choice).

Here’s the complete list of options:

-s URL [URL ...], --sources URL [URL ...]
   URLs to pull data from
-S FILE, --sources-file FILE
   file from which to load source URLs
-f REGEX [REGEX ...], --filters REGEX [REGEX ...]
   patterns used to select feed items to print
-F FILE, --filters-file FILE
   file from which to load filter patterns
-u SECONDS, --update-interval SECONDS
   time between successive feed updates (default: 300 seconds, 0 for single pull)
-h show this help

On GitHub: krill

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