MyNotex: encrypted note manager

There are several quality note managers available for Linux. What makes MyNotex stand aside from the crowd is its streamlined workflow and free-form information management. The GUI is also pretty polished and resembles office suites closely. Among the note managers we came across earlier, only Cherrytree seems comparable with respect to look and feel. However, the functionality is unmatched at the time of writing.

MyNotex starts lightning fast, though creating a new note and saving seemed to be slightly slower than traditional text editors. however, the functionality of MyNotex compensates this.


  • No plain text, uses SQlite to store notes
  • Export note as HTML or LibreOffice document
  • Easy to follow work-flow
  • Quick search and retrieval using tags, content etc.
  • Attach anything: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, mind-maps
  • Activity manager with spreadsheet like grid: manage list of activities and sub-activities with project-status, critical-dates, resources and cost specifications
  • Use AES or GPG (if installed) for encryption
  • Use hyper-links and inter-linking notes
  • Supports several Linux distributions
  • Lightweight and minimum dependencies


Grab the package for your distribution from the project’s homepage.

Webpage: MyNotex

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