Privacy Badger 1.0 released

We visited Privacy Badger more than a year back, when it was still in alpha. It’s one more step towards securing private information of internet users and it developed as an initiative under the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Regular visitors of TuxDiary might have already come across similar projects like uBlock Origin and active tracking protection initiatives from Firefox.

Privacy Badger checks third party domains while a page is loaded in the browser and detects if they are tracking services. Tracking sites generally work by saving cookies or through browser fingerprinting. If the same domain is found tracking visitors in 3 or more pages, it is blocked. However, it only blocks cookies and ‘referer’ headers, content is still displayed, e.g., in case of clickable icons linking to a website.


  • Detect complex super-cookies and browser fingerprinting
  • Informative menu icon
  • Easy customization
  • Supports v1 of EFF’s Do Not Track policy
  • Available for Firefox and Google Chrome

Privacy Badger vs. uBlock Origin

If you have uBlock Origin installed you may skip Privacy Badger. PB derives from AdBlock Plus code which is well-known as a memory hog. In our tests uBlock was able to block almost all trackers on several websites (probably because it is much faster) and PB blocked very few (<5).


Webpage: Privacy Badger

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