Hulbee: privacy-oriented search engine

You might have already come across the fact that search engines like Google invade your privacy and track you. There are alternatives like DuckDuckGo, Startpage which focus heavily on honoring user privacy. Hulbee is a new name in the list with its servers located in Switzerland.

NOTE: One of our readers pointed out that when you search Hublee you can see the words “In partnership with Bing” towards the right-bottom of the page. If you have reservations about the importance Microsoft gives to your privacy, you might head back to DuckDuckGo for good.


  • Guaranteed data integrity
  • Uses semantic information recognition, offers help based on search
  • Protects user privacy. No tracks like IP, search items, personal information etc. are left
  • Fast results based on correlation of content
  • Search the web, images, shopping, video, music
  • A translator is available too
  • Get latest articles from several news services or topics directly from homepage

Try out Hulbee.

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