Mr. Robot (2015-)

Despite the omnipresent nature of the IT industry, there aren’t too many TV series or programs which take a close look at the software industry or the people involved in it. We reviewed Silicon Valley in an earlier article. While Silicon Valley dwells in the nature of the IT industry and how the lives of the engineers are, a new TV series being aired from May 2015 is rooted more deeply into the technical details. Yes, Mr. Robot drew our attention. The series is centrally focused on IT security, the protagonist being a hacker. The writers have done a great deal of research and you find a lot of state-of-the-art information on networking concepts, Tor, hacking, social engineering and so on. And they actually jacked a Rapberry Pi in a network to hack it! None of the concepts are too far-fetched other than the fact that our hero can devise exceptionally strong dictionaries to carry out brute force attacks. If you are into tech, the first episode is bound to blow your mind. There are heavy references to Linux in dialogues and the fifth episode even shows hackers using Kali Linux.

Character build-up is still in progress and many are still very shady. Some characters even seem rather unnecessary at this point but the writers may have future plans for them. This doesn’t make the episodes uneventful or dull though.

We feel the directors went too far with the depiction of drug abuse by the protagonist and it’s the only aspect that sways widely from reality. Waiting eagerly for a techie episode 6!

We are sure the Silicon Valley crew are watching it too. Would we witness a strong competition in the next season? Going by IMDB viewer ratings (almost same numbers at the time of writing), humour couldn’t match technicalities till now.

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      1. Funny thing is most “IT Crowds” are lacking in technology and are mostly composed of laymen who have been trained on some mundane app or hardware. So, ironically “The IT Crowd” is pretty acurate! =)

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